Blasting and Painting Services

Project Name: Sandblast / Paint/ Transportation/ Labor cost for Conductor Casing – CTEP
Client: Chevron Thailand Exploration & Production Ltd.
Location: BPE Songkhla Plant
Period: 1 January 2017 – Present
Scope of Work: Provide Blasting and Painting services to be Chevron’s facilities in both onshore & offshore

Project Name: Blasting and painting job for G2 (WP-27)
Client: PTT Exploration and Production Public Co.,Ltd.
Location: Songkhla Workshop
Period: 7 Sep 2022 – Present
Scope of Work: 1) Blasting and painting WEIR WELLHEAD,9.5/8″ NIPPLE,43.5# BTC, 6.00M. total 15 sets, 2) Blasting and painting 9.5/8″CASING,#43.5,N80Q,BTC,SMLS,R3 total 48 JOINTS

Project Name: (F02244) PLWA Splitter Conductor
Client: Chevron (CTEP)
Location: PLEA
Period: 26 March 2019 – 11 July 2019
Scope of Work: Fabricate 26” splitter conductor splash zone coated 40 FT