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- Type A remote compressor revamp project for FUWM, ERWQ, JKWB, FUWG and PDWB

Client:  Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production Ltd.

Scope of work:  Provide working area and equipment, manpower support team, fabrication, materials procurement, third party services, blasting and painting to support inspection, repair, modification FAT and engineering.


- NPCPP Condensate  MRU – Structure

Client:  Chevron Thailand Exploration & Production Ltd.

Details of work:  Fabricate Structure



- Wing Water Ballast Tank No.3P (WBT 3P) Repair

Client:  Chevron Thailand Exploration & Production Ltd.

Location:  Benchamas FSO

Details of work:   Project Management Scope, Engineering scope, Procurement Scope, Fabrication and Construction Scope



- Drain Liquid and Waste Management from Pigging Operation Project  

Client:  PTT Public Company Limited

Location:  ERP & PRP

Details of work: Drain Liquid and Waste Management from Pigging Operation



- Helideck Perimeter Safety Net Replacement Project

Client:  PTT Public Company Limited

Location: PRP

Details of work: Remove Existing and Installation New Helideck Safety Net   


- ERP Revamp Project  

Client:  PTT PLC

Location:  ERP Cellar deck and Mezzanine deck areas

Details of work:  Blasting & Painting and changing Stud Bolt 


- Platong Vessel Cleaning for Inspection

Client:  Chevron Thailand Exploration & Production Co., Ltd.

Location:  Offshore (Gulf of Thailand)

Scope of Work – Erect scaffolding, Set up equipment for clean vessel, Insert spade blind, Open man-way, Clean and erect scaffolding inside vessel, NDT, Remove and install internal part, Remove scaffolding inside vessel, Close man-way, Remove spade blind, Dismantle scaffolding and Clean & clear working area

platong vessel



- Fabrication Extension Deck for Booster installation platforms

Client:  Unocal Thailand

Scope of workFabrication structural steel, welding, NDT, painting, packaging and shipment to specific area. For NDT (UT&MT) by Siva and inspection by Unocal 76 representation ABS.

The project is completed within 20 days.




- DBA-10/14    Installation of hydraulic actuator on FSO2 PLEM valves

Client:                 PTTEP

Scope of work:  Install instrument tubing and cable + drill penetration, install PLC, modify Bongkot & Arthit HPU and install Shafer control panel, install HUS, install new hose (for new actuator control line) and replace existing tubing from HUS to umbilical box with hose



- Bongkot WP4 and WP13 Infill Hook-up. 

Client:                  PTT Exploration and Production Public Co.,Ltd.

Scope of work :   To Carry-out the work for hook-up, WP4 Infill (4Wells ) and WP13 Infill (4Wells) including

3D laser survey, onshore fabrication and offshore installation respectively.




- GBN-MOD-1433: EPCI of FSO2 New Inert Gas Generator

Client:  PTT Exploration and Production Public Co.,Ltd.

Scope of work :  Scope of work: The work consists of Project Management, Engineering, Procurement,

Fabrication, Load-out, Sea-fastening, Installation, Tie-in and PRE-COMMISSIONING work of FSO2 New Inert

Gas Generator with

scope of WORK as follows: Main EPCI scope

          1. Project Management & Services to COMPANY

          2. Engineering Services as per RFQ and TC

          3. Procurement of Materials

          4. Onshore Fabrication and Transportation

          5. Offshore Installation, Pre-commissioning and assistance to COMPANY Commissioning and Start-up




- EPCI Service for  HG Contaminate Pilot Plant

Client:               PTT Exploration and Production Public Co.,Ltd.

Scope of work :

- Detailed engineering of Civil, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation and procedures

        - Procurement of all project materials

        - Fabrication, civil Construction, mechanical installation, Piping installation , Electrical, Instrumentation,              safety system  work and pre-commissioning


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